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If you don’t have a dedicated team for Dynamics 365, AX, Azure, etc., now you do! Dynamic Consultants Group offers a wide range of services to fill any gaps your company may have, without the cost and expense of hiring training staff. We offer a dedicated team that will provide the same level of expert care and attention that you would. We work with your business to meet the needs of your clients – on time and on demand.

  • Dynamics 365 & Office 365
  • SAP Business One
  • Windows Azure
  • Sharepoint
  • Dynamics AX & Dynamics GP
  • SQL, Data Warehouses, SSIS
  • Crystal Reports, Sales Order Processing
  • .NET, C#, AngularJS, HTML, JS, Node.js
  • jQuery & Scribe Software
  • Inventory, Financials, Manufacturing
  • Infrastructure, Big Data, BI and more


Dynamics 365  turbocharges the sales process with integrated sales features for the complete sales cycle. From Lead to Opportunity all the way through invoicing, the Sales App gives a single tool for your team. And with Mobile Applications, you’ll always be up to date with the latest info when you walk through that customer’s door.

Dynamics 365 is also the only cloud-based solution that offers all that you need for CRM and ERP, in one place. It was built by Microsoft for maximum flexibility and extensibility. It basically unifies these capabilities into applications that work seamlessly together across:


Previously known as Microsoft Dynamics AX, the operations module contains all the financials and operations functionality of Dynamics AX.


This is the core functionality of Dynamics CRM; with all the lead management and sales process functionality you could ever need as a salesperson.


At launch, Microsoft announced a partnership with Adobe for the marketing portion of Dynamics 365; given their discontinuation of Microsoft Dynamics Marketing.

Customer Service:

The Customer Service module integrates CRM functionality, new functionality, existing Parature functionality, and more Microsoft partnerships.

Project Service:

For project-based businesses, the Project Service module allows for the estimation and scheduling of projects in Dynamics 365. Great for professional services organizations! This module was previously available as a Dynamics CRM extension.

Field Service:

For businesses with field agents or workers, this extra module leverages the mobility of the Microsoft cloud and delivers extra features these organizations will find handy. This module was also previously available as a Dynamics CRM extension.

Report fields dynamics 365


As our business expands and we continue to collect information, we tend to outgrow the systems, software applications, and servers we may be used to collect and store our data. This means we will eventually need to migrate our data to something more suitable. So instead of dreading the data migration, think of it as a wonderful opportunity. An opportunity to:

  • Adopt software/hardware that can handle today’s and tomorrow’s business needs
  • Unify and bring all your data from different sources into a single universal database, thus centralizing your data instead of having many disparate systems
  • “Tidy up” and purge unwanted or unnecessary things
  • Introduce best practices for data encryption or create a stronger cybersecurity plan

Some of the benefits include:

  • Increased speed and performance (in hardware, software or both)
  • Improved security
  • Higher efficiency by eliminating redundant or obsolete information and eliminating redundant data entry
  • Increased data quality (accuracy, completeness, and reliability)
  • Additional reporting capabilities
  • Potentially reducing spend and increase savings
  • Minimizing the risk of doing business
  • Increased scalability and growth potential
  • Gaining a competitive advantage

Sounds great, right? Of course, it does, but it doesn’t stop there because all of this ultimately leads to:

  • Increase revenue, decrease spending, and increase profits
  • Happier customers/clients and employees
  • Less client churn rates and employee turnover

So, if you are outgrowing your environment and you are thinking about doing a data migration now or in the near future, it would make sense for your business to take advantage of these opportunities to maximize the positive effect your data migration can have on your business. Contact DCG today to start!


Business Intelligence (BI) is a set of tools supporting the transformation of raw data into useful information which can support decision making. Business Intelligence provides reporting functionality, tools for identifying data clusters, support for data mining techniques, business performance management, and predictive analysis.

The aim of Business Intelligence is to support decision making. In fact, BI tools are often called Decision Support Systems (DSS) or fact-based support systems as they provide business users with tools to analyze their data and extract information.

Business Intelligence tools often source the data from data warehouses. The reason is straightforward: a data warehouse already has data from various production systems within an enterprise; the data is cleansed, consolidated, confirmed and stored in one location. Because of this BI tools are able to concentrate on analyzing the data.

Data Visualization

When data is stored as a set or matrix of numbers, it is precise but difficult to interpret. For example, are sales going up, down or holding steady? When looking at more than one dimension of the data, this becomes even harder. Hence the visualization of data in charts is a convenient way to immediately understand how to interpret the data.

Data Mining

Data mining is a computer supported method to reveal previously unknown or unnoticed relations among data entities. Data mining techniques are used in a myriad of ways: shopping basket analysis, measurement of products consumers buy together in order to promote other products; in the banking sector, client risk assessment is used to evaluate whether the client is likely to pay back the loan based on historical data; in the insurance sector, fraud detection based on behavioral and historical data; in medicine and health, analysis of complications and/or common diseases may help to reduce the risk of cross infections.


Design, schedule, and generation of the performance, sales, reconciliation and savings reports is an area where BI tools help business users. Reports output by BI tools efficiently gathers and presents information to support the management, planning and decision-making process. Once the report is designed it can be automatically sent to a predefined distribution list in the required form presenting daily/weekly/monthly statistics.

Time-series Analysis Including (Predictive Techniques)

Nearly all data warehouses and all enterprise data have a time dimension. For example, product sales, phone calls, patient hospitalizations, etc. It is extremely important to reveal the changes in user behavior in time, the relation between products, or changes in sale contracts based on marketing promotion. Based on the historical data, we may also endeavor to predict future trends or outcomes.

On-line Analytical Processing (OLAP)

OLAP is best known for the OLAP-cubes which provide a visualization of multidimensional data. OLAP cubes display dimensions on the cube edges (e.g. time, product, customer type, customer age etc.). The values in the cube represent the measured facts (e.g. value of contracts, number of sold products etc.). The user can navigate through OLAP cubes using drill-up, -down and -across features. The drill-up functionality enables the user to easily zoom out to more coarse-grained details. Conversely, drill-down displays the information with more details. Finally, drilling-across means that the user can navigate to another OLAP cube to see the relations on another dimension(s). All the functionality is provided in real-time.

Statistical Analysis

Statistical analysis uses mathematic foundations to qualify the significance and reliability of the observed relations. The most interesting features are distribution analysis, confidence intervals (for example for changes in user behaviors, etc). Statistical analysis is used for devising and analyzing the results from data mining.

services we provide
White Label Consulting
Sometimes as a company, you get to a point where you can’t do everything you’d like to. It can be tough to say no when you don’t have the time, staff or knowledge necessary. That’s where white label services can be the perfect solution for your agency. We work with platforms such as D365 Sales, Field Service, Project Service, Azure, Dev, Web Dev, Marketing Services, and more.
Dynamics 365
Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s latest advancement in innovative business solutions. Combining what we currently know as Dynamics CRM and Dynamics AX, this cloud-based system will streamline data management and integration with Office 365. Dynamics 365 uses Sales, Customer Service , Marketing, Field Service, Project Service Automation, and Operations to improve the process of your business.
Dynamics Finance & Operations
Centralize data from accounting, sales, purchasing, and inventory to get an accurate view of your business. Real-time data updates help you spot trends, prevent issues, and deliver great customer experiences. With Dynamic Consultants Group and your team working together, we are able to help your company reach your goals and build lasting client relationships!
Business Intellegence (BI) & Reporting
Does your company need integration, analysis, and better business decision making?  BI tools present analytical findings in reports, summaries, dashboards, graphs, charts and maps to provide users with detailed intelligence about the state of the business.
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Dynamic Consultants Group is a global leader in consulting, with clients spanning the US and around the Globe. Our offices in Kansas City, Missouri, and Chico, California, enable us to reach clients anywhere and anytime. Whether large and small, we are able to help any company reach their goals and help build lasting client relationships.

So how do we do it? With a skilled team of senior developers, engineers, architects, project managers, and functional consultants, we can scale to the needs of any project, for any client. Offering a fixed hourly rate gives you the flexibility to make the profit you desire, all while providing the services you want and need. Never lose a deal again due to the lack of resources.  Let DCG be your partner in business!