How Can a ClickDimensions Landing Page Benefit Your Company?

The integration between Microsoft Dynamics 365 and ClickDimensions provides a wide variety of marketing tools that can be used as powerful assets for any company. Using ClickDimensions under the ‘Web Content’ tab you have the ability to create forms, landing pages, surveys, subscription pages, and more.

Landing pages are a goal-based web page that is designed to provide your audience with information about a specific topic or product. It is also where people first ‘land’ when they visit your website, so you want to create a lasting & impacting impression. Landing Pages allow your company to target a specific audience, offer them something of value, and convert a higher percentage of your visitors into leads.


Building a Landing Page

ClickDimensions makes it easy to customize landing pages to fit your company’s needs and design style. You have the option to use the ‘Block Editor’ or ‘Freestyle Editor’.

In the Block Editor, you choose from 9 pre-existing layouts with the ability to edit content, size, width, border, background, block spacing, background, and more. With the Block editor you can more easily create a landing page, but with less creative freedom.

In the Freestyle Editor, you can insert a pre-existing template layout so you don’t have to start from scratch on each template. You can also upload and edit HTML — giving you more room to work creatively.

You can include social media sharing buttons, forms, surveys, and a “call-to-action” button. By focusing on visitor satisfaction, and obtaining more leads through surveys, you will see a result of more action being taken (also known as conversion). This can result in a huge benefit for your business.


More conversions usually lead to more customers, therefore increasing sales and revenue.


Benefits of Integrating CRM into your landing page

  • Better lead qualification
  • Lead details will automatically get added to your CRM contacts
  • Automated Triggers: Send out scheduled onboarding emails


You can also link your landing page to a campaign in Dynamics 365. The main goal of any campaign is to track and drive visits to a page or site. Linking your landing page to a campaign will give you insights on what visitors or social channels bring the most traffic. Use this data to help you adjust and strengthen your marketing strategy to drive the most traffic to your page. Visitor information, leads, and contacts will be recorded right into Dynamics 365, so you can track what your customers want, and get the best approach for more business sales.

Benefits of a Landing Page on your site

  • Increase Marketing Campaign Effectiveness
  • Motivate users to take a “call-to-action” to increase conversion rates
  • Landing pages directly support specific business goals
  • Improve brand awareness & stand apart from the competition
  • Optimize your marketing efforts
  • Increase overall business profitability



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