How does Dynamics 365 help my marketing campaign?

Campaigns and Quick Campaigns

Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows you to create Campaign records that help you organize your efforts for marketing projects over time. Campaigns are also designed to provide insight on investment for each campaign. They allow you to track the campaign spend and response so you know exactly how effective your marketing efforts are.

The campaign record gives you a place to keep track of any activities that are involved in a campaign, such as emails, phone calls, etc.

After you distribute your campaign emails, letters, and phone calls, you can save your Campaign Response records that are associated with your campaign to help track customer engagement.

Elements of a Campaign

Planning Activities. Planning activities are tasks you can add that are intended to help you organize and operate your campaign

Campaign Responses. Once you have distributed a campaign activity, you can start to collect the results of that activity as Campaign Responses.

Target products. If your organization uses the Dynamics 365 product catalog, you can associate target products from the catalog to associate to your campaigns. This allows users to easily see what products are being targeted in sales and marketing efforts.

Sales literature. Any sales literature that you have created in Dynamics 365 can also be associated with a particular campaign.

Price lists. Price lists are useful if your campaign is designed to include an offer or other promotion that might involve special pricing for a product or products.

Creating a Campaign

  1. Go to the navigation bar to the Marketing area in Dynamics 365.
  2. Click Campaigns in the sitemap.
  3. In the command bar, click New.

4. Fill out the information in the General section of the form, and details as you need to.

5. If you will be tracking your campaign costs, scroll down to the Financial section of the form and fill out information such as allocated budget, costs, and estimated revenue.

6. When you are finished entering details for your campaign, click Save and Close.

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