I attended Microsoft Connect as a Non-Developer. Here is What I learned.

Yesterday morning I decided to jump out of my comfort zone a little and attend the Microsoft Connect Conference through live stream. As a Marketing Specialist, full code talk is essentially a different language to me. However, Microsoft announced new features that will be available in Azure and it is exciting. At Dynamic Consultants Group we believe in an open and collaborative work environment, and yesterday I was able to gain more knowledge of what my coworkers do on a daily basis. Also, I can now pass along the new features that are available with Azure that were announced at the conference. 

Microsoft Connect provided A LOT of information from several people in the industry. The Keynote speakers (Scott Guthrie and Scott Hanselman) touched on many new features, but also had full demonstrations with others to show better ways to stay productive, learn the latest tricks for building apps in Azure, using Visual Studio and many other features. My mind was filled with all this information and I wanted to give a breakdown with some photos I was able to take during the conference to better show you what was discussed.

Visual Studio Intro

Chris Dias discusses Visual Studio feature of the recommender

In this demo show, Chris discusses how to boost products that are not selling as well through the recommendation function. It was written within Python for your knowledge of development. You can set a break point and press F5 to get the HTTP function to run locally and debug it right in front of you. Also, you can hover over items that are the top/ recommended ones.

Open Source

How Microsoft supports OpenSource and more product development.


Nat Friedman, CEO of GitHub came to talk about his company and the recent acquirement with Microsoft to assist developers in achieving more in their development lifecycle. A few things I learned about Github are:  

  • They are the largest developer community on the planet 
  • They have 33 million developers 
  • They experience 1 billion contributions 
  • They reached 100 Million Repositories last month 

Azure DevOps

Donovan Brown discusses the new Azure features where you can build and control all of the tasks, then drag and drop to build your pipeline. These were developed in Github repository to help clone and build it on your own by using the ‘unparallel traceability.’ The new Azure pipeline also gives you access with Mac, windows and Linux for free now.

Scott Hanselman then took the time to walk the audience through bad coding, how to go through and fix the issues that need to be executed with one simple click. Also, you can now look at a debug snapshot to see what is wrong with the specifics.

Visual Studio Updates in 2019

Live Share

Scott demonstrates with the help of a developer to show how two people can be in a debug session together through collaboration while using live share in a remoted UI. Hanselman also stated, “There is one destination but several paths to get to the cloud.” In the past we had to put in more effort to get what we needed, but now scale is not the problem anymore because developers can get into their apps through the cloud.

Azure Portal

Cecil Phillip discusses services in the Azure Portal, such as the options to configure like the deployment slots, do a DEV/Test, or even an A/B testing in the production environment.

Azure API Management Update

Azure App Services

Christos Matskas uses the Azure App service with his development of transferring photos of a white board or your notes, to taking a photo and having the app use the deployment progress with the specifics of what you need. I had to photograph this process because it was too interesting not to share!

My Experience

Overall, I know I did not hit on every topic that was discussed because there was so much information. However, I hope this blog leaves you with developer excitement of what is to come for Azure, Visual Studio, .NET foundation, etc. As a non-developer attending this conference, I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of topics discussed throughout and what I learned. The whole experience makes me appreciate our work environment and our products even more. It is important, especially in Marketing, to always fully understand the ins and outs of the products offered at your company to better understand the quality you offer clients and partners. Microsoft Connect was an informative conference that I am glad to share with all who missed it. 

If you are looking for the full conference online, I added the link below so you can look at the exclusive features yourself. 


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