Doing the Impossible: How A Mobile Responsive CRM Portal Can Drive Business

“While not all companies deploy sales mobility, those that do, outperform those that do not across a myriad of measures, including overall team attainment of quota, lower sales turnover, as well as better year-over-year growth around revenue, customer renewals, deal size and CRM adoption”

In a well established organization, there is always a need of managing and building customer relations through management. CRM portal is recommended for building and maintaining good customer relations. Mobile CRM helps relations between the customer and service provider (company in this case). Till now, CRM was desktop based only. But with the revolution of handheld gadgets, the mobile responsive format came into demand.

Mobile CRM changes the way you do business. Users and customers both expect information to be available and updated in real-time, not “when you get back to the office”.

Mobile Options

Not that long ago, someone leaving their house in the morning usually only had two things they couldn’t forget — their wallet/purse and their keys. Today, a mobile phone, often along with another mobile device such as a tablet, is also an essential ‘take everywhere’ item.

The advantage of this to your business is that it’s easier than ever to create a truly mobile workforce. But you still need to give your mobile workers the tools they need. And for any business using CRM, with salespeople and other employees often on the move, that means mobile CRM.

With over half of internet usage happening on mobile devices; the demand for Microsoft Dynamics 365 mobile options has increased. Access Dynamics 365 on phones or tablets with the use of mobile apps, or run the web client on the device’s preferred browser. With this mobile functionality sales and customer service reps can be tapped into their daily Dynamics 365 solution to check dashboard analytics, enter a new lead, move an opportunity down the sales pipeline from anywhere, anytime.

The promise of mobile CRM is twofold, including not just mobile access to data but also — and more significantly — the possibility of using your CRM as a platform on which to build your entire mobile strategy, from branded apps to customer service and support.

“To function effectively in this brave new world, marketers must embrace one fact: mobile is not a channel — it’s a platform.”

Introducing Mobile CRM to your sales operation can be a dramatic change for the better. Your salespeople can update and synchronize information on the move, sharing real-time data from across the business. Day-to-day sales tasks are freed from the desktop, so a salesperson carrying a tablet or smartphone can:

  • Plan the day with calendar integration
  • Dial into meetings with click-to-call
  • Access and update leads, contacts and opportunities
  • Open and share files
  • Access dashboards


But today’s mobile CRM platforms can do so much more. Add cloud storage to mobile CRM functionality and you’re no longer synchronizing data with a local copy — you’re accessing live, centrally held information from whichever device you choose. Distributed teams can share files and background information and can update, share and send proposals on the move.

Custom apps can feed information directly into your CRM back end, with new app releases rolled out to your sales team in real time. Every salesperson has the benefit of complete CRM data, analytics and customer-facing material at their fingertips, on any device — freeing them to spend more time on sales and less on administrative tasks.

Making the business case for Mobile CRM

An investment in a mobile-capable CRM platform can pay dividends throughout your organization — far beyond the traditional users of CRM. As mobile reach and usage continue to boom, your customers are everywhere.

  • Sales — Get efficiency savings, reduced admin overheads and anytime, any-device availability of shared data from the cloud.
  • Marketing — Easily create brand awareness. You can talk to customers in completely new ways, creating personalized experiences and tracking social media activity with familiar, easy-to-use tools.
  • Customer Service — Ability to pick up cases more quickly, track them across channels and resolve them using the knowledge of your whole organization.
  • IT — Gain a whole development platform for mobile apps, with built-in integration to your back-end CRM system.

As mobile reach and usage continues to boom, your customers are everywhere. Mobile CRM enables you to be there too.

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