Dynamic Consultants Group Launches GDPR Solution for Dynamics 365, GDPRoactive®

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KANSAS CITY, MOAugust 23, 2018Dynamic Consultants Group (DCG), a solution consulting company that has helped grow businesses worldwide, has launched their first add-on for Microsoft 365 GDPRoactive®. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), an EU Regulation began on May 25, 2018, demanding all companies offering goods and services to provide complaint data in their systems. GDPR gives individuals control and protection of their personal information for businesses that work with clients in the European Union (EU). With this, Dynamic Consultants Group created a solution built to integrate directly into Microsoft Dynamics 365 that can quickly detect, redact or delete sensitive information.

GDPRoactive® App

GDPRoactive® is an add-on to Microsoft Dynamics 365 that can be set up within a matter of minutes with no need for programmers or developers. It is a cost-effective solution for businesses that will simplify the process of narrowing down non-compliant data for GDPR. Knowing what information to delete is difficult without the correct system but with GDPRoactive® it eliminates the guess-work. Dynamic Consultants Group is helping businesses by providing them with actionable insights within GDPRoactive® and Microsoft Compliance Manager.

This add-on will significantly reduce costs with staffing, data management, risk assessments and consulting for support of GDPR processes. This solution gives companies rich insights for meeting EU standards. GDPR provides individuals with the right to be forgotten, while GDPRoactive® allows companies to detect, classify and redact sensitive information. The features lower the stress of becoming GDPR compliant by enabling you to manage and protect your company’s data ownership.

GDPRoactive® App features:

  • Audit Clean Up allows your team to remove relevant historical data from Dynamics 365.
  • Data Dictionary Builder builds a data requirement dictionary that helped you maintain data usage and validation.
  • Bulk Deletion purges non-compliant data from Dynamics 365 promptly to remove data through automation.
  • EU Records Check allows you to create predefined EU record searches to determine what data needs to be removed.
  • Redacting Data Fields maintains system history by redacting EU personal data, but keeping your records.
  • Security Data Builder provides you with a security setup approach through an Excel extraction for internal processes.

About Dynamic Consultants Group

Dynamic Consultants Group was 2017 CRM Market Leader for Business Performance around the world.  Founded in 2013, Dynamic Consultants Group has become a leading technology and consulting company since as a Microsoft Partner. Offering clients full-service consultations from CRM, ERP, and marketing automation solutions, they’ve helped more than 150 companies achieve their business goals. Dynamic Consultants Groups’ consultants specialize in revenue generating strategies through implementation and integration of Microsoft platforms. They are known for their ability to tailor their services and products around their clients business models within their industry, as no two companies are the same.

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