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HP is Using Artificial Intelligence Capabilities to Boost Customer Satisfaction

HP is Using Artificial Intelligence Capabilities to Boost Customer Satisfaction By LAURA BREWER HP is one of the largest manufacturers of PCs and printers worldwide. They provide hardware and software to businesses of all sizes and many industries. To give … Read More

Personalize and Maintain Good Client Relationships With Dynamics 365 Customer Service Management

One of the most important things in maintaining a good business is having good customer service management. After all, customers are the fuel that keeps your organization up and running, and you want to maintain customer satisfaction throughout every business … Read More

Streamline Field Service and Transform Your Business with IoT

For most Field Service professionals, staying connected is essential to managing customer requests. The Internet of Things (IoT) drives an evolution of modern communication. IoT, in simple terms, is a huge network of connected things that collect and exchange data. … Read More

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

Do you want to increase the efficiency of your customer service? Today’s customers are highly demanding and want to be kept informed via multiple channels. They expect instant insight into the status of their complaint or query: online through a self-service … Read More

How does Dynamics 365 improve customer service & increase client satisfaction?

If there was a single recipe for success in today’s business environment, a great customer experience might just be it. Customer experience is made up of every interaction that a customer has with your organization, and how he or she perceives … Read More