Tech or Treat! Top Costumes for Techies

Halloween is the BEST holiday of the year (not negotiable). Well, at least our Sales Associate, Brie, thinks so. Since we are a Microsoft partner, she thought it would only be fitting to write her Halloween blog on awesome outfits for techies like us! After much hard and long research, Brie has come up with 15 costumes steered towards fun computer humor and outright great puns. 

Mobile App

Everyone loves a good pun. Well, SOME people love a good pun, except the architects in our office that gave the full office a 3 pun per day limit for everyone. Party poopers.  

To become a Mobile App for this glorious holiday, dress in whatever you’d like, grab an appetizer from the party and walk around. Super-duper easy and now you’re a mobile app… get it? GET IT?!

Phishing Emails 

We’ve ALL gotten the impending email from our boss warning us not to open SCAM e-mails. Why not become your own version of these “hacker emails”?  

Dress up in fishing gear; I’m talking waders, boots, a green vest and, of course, the silly hat that somehow every fisherman finds the same color in. Grab a fishing rod & reel with some string tied to the end. At the end of the string/fishing line, tie a bunch of envelopes that say “E-Mail” on them. Voila! You’re Phishing Emails.

Copy Cat 

This may be more tongue-in-cheek rather than tech-funny.

To become a Copy Cat, other than mimicking literally every person you come in contact with, the dress is simple. Grab some cat ears and a tail then put clothes that match the color of your ears and tail. To finalize your costume, add a sign that says “Ctrl + C” and you are done! Go forth and annoy your fellow party-goers.  

Strong Password 

This costume is one of my favorites based on the sheer capacity of punnery. Today, we must be more careful than ever to safeguard our online accounts. There are so many pieces of advice to do this; add special symbols, don’t use your birthdate, use capital letters, create a full phrase, etc. The list goes on and on, but the common denominator is the simple fact: you need a strong password. 

Becoming a Strong Password doesn’t take a lot of brains, but a lot of brawn. Do your best muscle costume from the store or DIY it with a plain colored shirt and draw abs on the belly. Once you’ve picked out your base, just hang a sign around your neck that says “password” and there you have it! 

Browser with Tabs Open 

We’ve all been there; you get stuck in the circling drain that is the Internet. You find yourself on the Wiki page on night monkeys (seriously, check it out) or you’re knee-deep in cat videos and you realize you have about 1.5 billion tabs open. You don’t have THAT many open, but it sure feels like it when you’re done with your “20-minute break.”

For this costume, you just need clothing the color of your browser theme (I.e. gray, white, black, etc.) and a ton of Post-Its. On the Post-Its, write URLs of random pages you’d be on, but not the whole URL, just like you’d see at the top of your browser. Once you’ve created as many Post-It URLs as you can handle, put them all over your shirt in no particular order. Bonus points if you dress up in glasses and a top hat and go as the Incognito Mode browser. 

Amazon Prime 

Amazon – literally the overlord of the free (shipping) world.  
Optimus Prime – the kind of all transformers, obviously.  
Put them together and what do we have? Amazon Prime! The play on words plus the geekery on multiple fronts is the best. 

To successfully pull this costume off, the hardest of all these costumes, you’ll need to either be super creative with a lot of time on your hands or have a friend with those traits. Grab a lot of Amazon Prime boxes and just recreate Optimus Prime’s “outfit” (if you will). See a full set of better-described instructions here, without using the spray paint, obviously.

Blue Screen of Death

One of the most unwelcoming SITES (get it???) that a person can encounter: the blue screen of death. This is one of the most literal costumes we have on this list. Which means it’s also probably one of the easiest ones to recognize immediately and you don’t have to be a “tech nerd” to understand it because everyone has come across this screen.

Dress up as Death – black cloak, even carry around a giant scythe (fake, of course). Then, print out a screen shot of a blue screen, if you want you can even put random numbers and letters on it like an actual blue screen of death.

Steve Jobs 

Does this guy really need an intro or an explanation as to why you’d want to dress up as him? 

Super easy: round rimless glasses, black long-sleeved shirt, light colored jeans and grey New Balance tennis shoes. Want to really sell it? Carry around as many Apple products as you can. 

Django Unchained 

If you are familiar with Python, then it should be easy to understand where I’m going with this costume. If you don’t know what Django is, though, then you may be on the wrong blog… or your eyes are about to be opened for one of the best puns on this costume blog. 

All you need to do for this costume is write “Django” on your orange shirt and put on broken handcuffs (one part of a pair on each hand) and you’ve done it! Django UNCHAINED.


Ah, Clippy – the annoying little Word monster that relentlessly wanted your love and attention. We loved Clippy yet hated his (or her!) obnoxious insistence to help with whatever you were working on. So, why not create an homage costume to this notoriously beloved creature?

This one takes a bit of work – so, grab as much aluminum foil as your little arms can carry and make your way to your crafting table. The easiest way to do this is to get a wire clothes hanger and create the paper clip shape. Once you’ve done that, cover it in aluminum foil. Now you can create Clippy’s iconic eyes and mouth. Glue those suckers on to your giant paper clip. Hang the entire thing around your neck, like a necklace. Then you’re done! To make this costume even better, you can create a yellow dry erase chat bubble to carry around. Get in to character and pop up around your unwitting victims and offer help in whatever task they are doing in that moment. See someone struggling putting extra chips on a plate for their guac? Pop up over their shoulder and say something like “Hi! I see you’re getting extra chips! Can I suggest using the plastic tongs on your right?”

Internet Explorer 

Ah, good ole Internet Explorer – this could be a very last-minute costume, or you could actually put work in to it. Whether you love or hate IE, it was the first browser, therefore blazing the trail for obviously more superior browsers, such as Chrome (in my opinion). 

For the “simple” version of this costume, use cardboard and cut out an Internet Explorer-shaped icon, color it in and hang it around your neck. 
To pump this costume up a little bit, do the above and then fully dress up in “explorer” gear – green vest, boots, maybe binoculars? You’ve seen an explorer, mimic that.  
To be a little “extra” with this costume, walk around the party very slowly and do all other tasks very slowly. 

Low Battery 

The single most terrifying situation on this planet: a low battery. We’ve all been there; slowly watching our phone dying and nowhere near a charger. 

The SECOND most simple costume: Just draw a low battery signal on a white shirt! That’s pretty much it, there’s really nothing more to this costume. Go forth and be scary!

Ruby on Rails 

Python, Django, Ruby on Rails, whatever your choice of learning tool is, you can find a cool costume that is both witty and educational. Only TRUE techies will understand this without having you explain it. 

Wear all red and write “Rails” on your shoes. It’s simple but people will definitely be asking about this one… or will just ask if you’ve dressed up as a devil. 

World Wide Web 

Time to take this phrase in the most literal sense as possible. 

Grab a t-shirt, literally whatever color you want, and draw a huge globe on it. Take fake spider webs (or real ones, whatever) and cover the globe in it. For added giggles, put some fake spiders on the web.

Error 404

When all else fails, turn to the simplest of costumes that we’ve all seen, especially from the dude who isn’t a fan of fun things like theme parties and puppies. 

Two things: white shirt & black writing that states “Error 404: Costume Not Found”. 

 There you have it – I’ve given you 15 super fun costumes; some easy, some more difficult, but all hilarious. You’re welcome!

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