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Why Non-Profit Organizations Should Consider a CRM Platform

In today’s world non-profit organizations spend a great deal of time thinking about raising money, and how to attract new donors and members. Whether you’re trying to save the endangered animals or trying to teach children in Africa skills that will help their communities, you need money, and that money has to come from donations, benefactors, sales, walkathons, or other sources. So how can you improve success, and grow your organization? This is why a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform can really help, even though you might not technically have “customers.”

CRM today has evolved to be much more than a contact database. Nonprofit organizations can use CRM to communicate with volunteers, vendors, members, buyers, and donors, and even to coordinate events and track projects.


Getting an email address from your contacts opens a door to a wide variety of information that people share on social media or otherwise. You’ll be able to find out exactly what your donor’s interests are and design and schedule events based on appealing to the largest amount of people.

Scheduling diversity is one of the best things you can do. Events that appeal to everyone. You have to try and understand what exactly the people you’re reaching out to want. To take, you have to give. Keep in touch with your audience and possible donor’s and make them feel appreciated. CRM can help you identify differing demographics and information to plan the best events possible. 

Organizations need a constant stream of volunteers. You can keep track of them with your CRM. Find the best cooks for the bake sales, the most energetic organizers and the most social for social gatherings. You already know the finding the right person is critical for success. CRM helps you by allowing you notes on each volunteer and a powerful search so you can put them into groups. 

Keywords for managing your contacts are key. Creating groups and labeling contacts with a field in your CRM can be critical for organization. Using CRM is a good way to keep everyone in their respective grouping so that you can plan events accordingly.

Whenever you have your lists for each event, it’s a simple matter to schedule emails from your CRM. When you send an email campaign, you will be able to track what happens to your emails. If they’re being opened or ignored or accepted and read. CRM allows you to make sure your movement can run smoothly.

A mistake some organizations can make is either too much, or too little social media. Ads can get too repetitive or simply annoying for viewers. Or, they won’t know you exist because you have nothing. Finding the balance is key. Researching some other successful companies is a good strategy to start your own social media platforms.

Data loss can be a common occurrence if leadership changes or management switches up some things. With CRM, your data is stored in a central database. Even creating a new user will keep all of your data. All the lists and hard work of the last manager can be kept safe and you can keep moving.

Storing everything online means you can access it from anywhere at all on any device. CRM’s mobile app allows you to access everything you built out at home, right on your device. No more forgetting things, CRM has it all right where you left it.

Non-Profit Industries Where CRM Excels


Fighting for the cause is always admirable. Whether it’s a blood drive, or raising money for cancer research, the fight for the cause is important and someone needs to do it. However, with that comes a lot of things that may not be so glamorous. Dynamics 365 takes the menial tasks and helps you automate them so you can keep doing what matters.

Volunteer Management

Knowing when and where your volunteers are is vital to success, but beyond that; knowing their skills and abilities helps you schedule volunteers at events that help increase your effectiveness and grow your membership. Keeping track of them shouldn’t require another volunteer. Dynamics 365 allows you to manage, schedule, and prioritize volunteers by your needs .

Grant & Donor Management

Keeping track of grants, and donors, as well as day to day financials, can be very difficult; however, Dynamics 365 gives you the tools to keep an eye on all aspects of your organization’s financial health. From donations, memberships, and grants, to payroll and general financials: Dynamics 365 can handle it all. 

Events & Registration

Take the worry and stress out of your events, all event data is automatically sent to the built-in event dashboard where you can easily print guest lists, cancel registrations, resend tickets, etc. Your event will run smoothly with these event management features. Combine it with other tools like donations to increase the impact of your event through Dynamics 365. 


Understanding how to advertise your message is key. CRM has state of the art marketing tools that are at your disposal all the time. Email campaigns and social media are integrated into Dynamics 365. Track your emails and gain deep insights to what happens to them. Track prospect throughout the journey of your lead and potential donor with customizable view and charts. Dynamics 365 allows you to get the word out there.

Member Management

Know who your members are and what they’ve accomplished using Dynamics 365’s forms that can be customized to exactly what you want. Keep key details about each member as well as their personal contact information. Integrate data tracking with Tableau or other softwares into CRM to show better how your members are making a difference. Allow CRM to take the burden of data tracking and keep doing what really matters.

Reporting & Graphics

Make sure to look professional with a report based in Dynamics 365. Easily manageable and customizable, reports can be a useful tool dealing with your data. Create your own dashboard with graphics showing everything you need to know. It’s necessary to see your data and with Dynamics 365, you can do exactly that.


Your higher education facility needs organization. Counting students, records, classes and hours, you need something that is high tech enough to keep up with you, and something that will help you organize everything. Dynamics 365 has many helpful tools that can do many useful things. Keep all your students in a single database and keep contact information on them as well as which classes they are taking and what credits they need to graduate. All of the small aspects of running a higher center of learning can all be contained within a single instance of Dynamics 365.

Higher education institutions are experiencing vital changes in the way they operate and interact with their ‘customers’, i.e. students, their parents, alumni, employers and staff members. 

Higher education clients are demanding more attention and instant service and so proactive universities are turning to technology – customer relationship management systems – to cater to this demand in an effective way. Student management is extremely important. With Dynamics CRM, you can do this a lot easier. 

Keeping each student as a contact can allow you to have specific notes on each one based on need. Keep track of their classes and who the professor is with groups inside of CRM. 

Creating assignments and keeping track of their data is easier than ever before. With activities inside CRM,  you can schedule tasks to call or meet with students or assign them the task to do what they need to do.

Keep track of tuition and fees with Dynamics 365 by keeping record of all transactions and costs. 

Dynamics 365 comes with many out of the box, calculated fields than can keep track of how much is being paid, and who still needs to pay a certain fee or tuition fee. Fully-customizable CRM can be tailored to suit your exact needs.  

Track where your students are from and what demographics are attending your school with real-time numbers and reporting. Nothing is left unturned with Dynamics 365.

As busy as you may be, schedules are always important. Whether it’s meeting a student one on one, or a professor, you always need to be on time and figure out a way to keep track of your schedule.

Dynamics 365 contains Outlook and it has an advanced calendar system that can easily make, track and remind you of upcoming events and meetings. Organization is key with any sort of institution.  

Activities within CRM also allow for event schedule and tracking. Reminders are always available and able to be customized to your needs. Invite your employees and students via CRM and set the event and details to your specifications with activities and Outlook within CRM that provide details and reminders to attendees about when and where the meeting will be.

Reports and records need to be created constantly for almost every aspect of your educational institution. Whether its grades or attendance, CRM can be the best tool for you to manage your data effectively. 

Never lose another piece of data again with a centralized database that is Dynamics 365. From scheduling, to your secretary’s phone number, CRM can keep track of your data better than any other program.

With OneNote in Dynamics 365, you can easily jot down a better way to teach something, or to create a quick note to get back to later. Keep all of your notes in a central database that you can design to fit your needs. 

Projects can become a lot more manageable when you switch to Dynamics 365. SharePoint integrates directly into CRM and keeps all of your documents secured and easy to access so nothing is lost in the system. 

Keep things clean and organized and make your projects less stressful and more creative with Dynamics 365. Things are simplified so that you can get back to what matters and making learning the most important thing in the world. 

When you learn a better way to do something, CRM is there to be quick and powerful so that you don’t miss a single idea or forget about a single method. 

CRM makes sure that you can access things quickly and precisely with creative, precise tools that allow you to be as creative as you can be and to be as good as you can be. 

Draw, write or creatively put together your ideas and projects with ease in Dynamics 365.

Dynamic Consultants Group is always looking for ways to make things faster, more precise and user friendly. Dynamics 365 has several multi-faceted processes that can make your job easier. 

Remembering to send an email or scheduling a call can be difficult to keep track of. We can take your current schedule board, and transfer it to CRM with ease and get your time back in your hands.

Dynamics 365 is a great way to make sure you don’t miss anything. Personal notes can be turned into real events in no time. Workflows are a great way that we can make sure all of your processes are automated to your specifications. 

CRM is a huge tool that is fully-customizable. We can account for every detail in your process.  Grading, emails, student enrollment, and more can all be accounted for and automated. We can help take the load off of you and start the process of making sure your time is where it needs to be. 

Users, whether they be students, professors or administration can all have different processes for enrollment or grading. We can customize each process as an automated thing, so that less user input is needed. We can access the full functionality of CRM to make sure your users have the best and fastest experience.

Finances are important to your school. Tracking tuition is a small part of what really needs to be done. Accessing payments and even investors can be done with CRM. Advanced artificial intelligence don’t just apply to reports, they also apply to your financial system.

Digitizing records is a huge process but when you do it, CRM is the best tool to use. Because of the centralized database, you can access your financials at any time.

 Check everything from small entrance fees to dorms and cafeteria needs. Keep track of supplies and ordering for classrooms and your offices with advanced graphics and reporting systems.

Business intelligence is a massive part of Microsoft. Using it can make things much easier with search functions and even creating your own workflows. Automation is key and with workflows and business intelligence, it becomes easier with every step. 

Make each step a success with the libraries and intelligence from Microsoft. Built into Dynamics 365,  you can do developmental tasks without using code.

Dynamics 365 prides itself on ease and learning how you function. Intuitiveness is what the system does.

Create your messages to investors and donors within CRM and use the graphs and charts to see exactly how you are progressing as a higher learning institution.

Religious Institutions

Dynamics 365 is expansive. In a religious organization, you need a software that can keep track of everything. Contacts, donors, donations, accounts and more. Financially, Dynamics 365 can keep tabs on everything and make it easier to see what exactly you’re taking in every month or week. Maybe you need pews and a refrigerator for downstairs and you need to contact someone to replace your old doors. All of these things can be scheduled and executed in Dynamics 365. Scheduling activities in the system integrate into calendars with Outlook. Every donation can be accounted for, every member can have their own form in the system with important personal information that you need.

Membership Management

Keep track of your members with Contacts in CRM. Keep all of the phone numbers and emails within the entity. It's a lot easier to count members and keep track of their donations with Dynamics 365.


As many donations as you may get to stay afloat on a given week may be a lot, it may be a little. Either way Dynamics 365 is here to help you keep track of these things. Each member and non member transaction can be entered and fully customized to how you need to see it.

Meetings & Scheduling

Scheduling can be such a hassle with out of date email services and voicemail. In CRM, you can create activities and meetings with members or donors. Never forget anything again as CRM takes care of your calendar and you.

Organizing & Data

You may have many members that email you on a daily basis. With old, out of date email services, it can be really easy to fall behind. Outlook Online is a great way to integrate into CRM and you can even track emails with a certain member. Outlook makes organization and scheduling so much easier.

Finances & Reporting

Being non-profit often times means that you have a lot of extra forms and documents to fill out and keep track of when to send what where. Reports can be a good way to make sure you have all the information you need right at Your fingertips.

Lesson Management

Unless you teach on the fly, you may have a lot of topics you want to go over and teach your members about. It can be hard to do with notebooks and emails. Instead, merge all of your lessons and store them all in SharePoint that integrates directly with CRM.


Your voice is heard all over. It can be a small issue, or a big issue. Either way, it’s important. The people that follow you are growing and you need an organizational tool to help you put together your movement and make sure your voice is heard louder than it has ever been.

Meeting Management

Scheduling when and where to march are important tasks. Sometimes a notebook or simple website page can’t handle it. You need a tool to take your message to the next level. Scheduling in CRM is easier than ever with Outlook calendars and activities.  Create and organize meetings by inviting whole groups in Outlook or CRM and specify all of the meeting details. It comes along with reminders to everyone about when and where the meetings are and your subject or topic.

Information and Data Management

Take your data and run with it using Dynamics 365.  See your demographics and who your message is reaching with customizable fully integrated dashboards. Keep track of members and volunteers through CRM by keeping each person in their respective group and keeping as many details on them as you need. It’s important to know who is working for you and who is a follower.  See who’s seeing your message and spread it wide.  Keep information on your demographic and every volunteer or supporter using CRM. Fully customizable forms gives you the information you want and with the centralized database, nothing gets lost. Keep your records countable and easy with Dynamics 365.

Organizing Messaging Services

Emails from thousands or even ten people can be staggering to sort through. With Outlook, you can create groups and mass email a single group rather than going through who needs a reply and who doesn’t. Schedule meetings with your groups and share calendars with Outlook and track emails to important records in CRM. A communications system is important and needs to be organized in a customizable way.  Meetings connect and sync seamlessly with CRM so that users  can attend and make notes on it accordingly. Reminders are built in to make sure everyone is on time. Outlook does a lot for you and integrates with CRM perfectly.

Reports and Tracking

Reports can be a great way to count your followers and how and where your voice is being heard on social media, t.v or however it is being put out there. Integrate your other systems with CRM like Tableau or Google Analytics and truly connect to your data and see it visually. Share it with others that need to see it using permissions and fully integrated sharing techniques. Live AI can help you reach your target audience by scanning news sources and social media platforms to reach the people best suited for your cause. Compiling reports becomes easy when the data is easy.

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