GDPRoactive® for Dynamics 365

Be Proactive with your gDPR compliance in Dynamics 365

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is about protecting and enabling individual privacy rights. Our tools can help you detect, classify, and secure this sensitive info across your Dynamics 365 platform and can also help you quickly find and export content in response to data subject requests.


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  • Audit Clean Up

Feature: Audit Log Clean Up allows your team to remove relevant historical audit data from Dynamics 365; providing you with a system-wide audit log without non-compliant GDPR data.  

  • Data Dictionary Builder

Feature: Provides export capabilities across objects, by giving you an easy to use spreadsheet for building your data requirement dictionary, while helping you maintain data usage and justification.

  • Bulk Deletion

Feature: The Bulk Delete tool provides you a configurable mechanism for purging non-compliant data from Dynamics 365 by saving time and removing data through automation. 

  • EU Records Check

Feature: Predefined EU record searches and queries give insights to make informed decisions about what needs to be removed through EU data models..

  • Redacting Data Fields

Feature: Maintaining system history is critical to your reporting, by simply redacting the data it allows you to keep your records while removing personal EU data. 

  • Security Data Builder

Feature: Plan your security setup and documentation approach by downloading an Excel extraction for your internal processes. 

  • Microsoft 365 Compliance Manager

Integrated access to the Microsoft 365 Compliance Manager. Use the actionable insights in Compliance Manager to improve your organization’s data protection capabilities and overall compliance posture Control management, integrated task assignment, evidence collection, and audit-ready reporting tools to streamline your compliance workflow

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GDPRoactive Benefits

See how GDPRoactive Increases ROI and decreases stress.

Reduce Costs

Use GDPRoactive® to reduce your costs for data protection and risk assessments, and to get rich insights into your responsibility for meeting compliance standards

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Use the actionable insights in GDPRoactive® and Microsoft 365’s Compliance Manager to improve your organization’s data protection capabilities and overall compliance posture.


$ 499 Monthly
  • Audit Clean Up​
  • Data Dictionary Builder​
  • Bulk Deletion​
  • EU Records Check​
  • Redacting Data Fields​
  • Security Data Builder​

What Our Clients Say

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Setup was fast and simple, no need for programmers or developers. We were up and running in minutes. By the end of the day we we're fully aware of our data.
Catherine Bernard
CMO, Webnishar
We've been worried since GDPR became active, about how we're going to manage our data within Dynamics 365. With GDPRoactive we've simplified the process. Now our audits are fast and we know exactly where we stand in terms of our GDPR data within Dynamics 365.
Stefan Krüger
CTO, Shiler
Knowing what data to delete was difficult, knowing what we had access to was also difficult, GDPRoactive has make that simple with it's one click reporting and deletion.
Joe Pantoliano
CEO, Loxiret